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Lunch & Nutrition



At Duggan we offer a lunch supervision program for those students that are not able to go home for lunch. Our lunch period of 50 minutes includes lunchroom supervisors that have been hired by Edmonton Public Schools to provide supervision for this service and students will be supervised in both the children's classrooms, and on the playground. 

Lunchroom fees cover the costs of supervisors’ salaries, extra cleaning and administration costs. Lunchroom fees do not include the provision of food.  Lunch fees are due at the beginning of the month, or at the beginning of the school year and can be paid to Mrs. Stainer in the school office.

We always encourage students to eat healthy foods for lunch and for snack times. As part of a healthy choices initiative, students are allowed to eat fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the day if so desired. If you have questions about nutrition guidelines for your child please check out healthyalberta.com

Unfortunately we do not have a microwave available for student use, please ensure your child's lunch does not need to be heated to be enjoyed. A Thermos works really well if there are days you'd like your child to enjoy a warm lunch.