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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Duggan School works to support the vision, mission and initiatives set by Edmonton Public Schools:

    Our Mission

    We work with families and community partners to provide safe, caring, healthy, diverse, inclusive and equitable learning experiences that engage students to achieve their full potential in an increasingly interdependent world.

    Our Vision

    All students will learn to their full potential and develop the ability, passion and imagination to pursue their dreams and contribute to their community.

    District Priorities 2011-2014

    1. Provide supports and programs that will enable all students to complete high school.
    2. Deepen students' understanding of equity and empathy as key citizenship traits.
    3. Ensure all students and their families are welcomed, respected, accepted and supported in every school.
    4. Promote health and wellness for all students and staff.
    5. Listen to staff, honour their contributions, and support their opportunities for collaboration, growth and professional development

    Within the context of the District’s Goals, we support the unique learning needs of our students. For the 2014/15 school year we have emphasized specific initiatives related to: Guided Reading, academic vocabulary and citizenship. We differentiate learning experiences for our students and use a wealth of strategies and teaching tools. We are very pleased to explore the use of our technology tools such as our Smartboards and laptop computers to enhance learning experiences.

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Welcome to Duggan School! Duggan School is a 'gem' from the treasure chest of Edmonton Public Schools. The Duggan School Learning Community, consisting of students, parents, staff and community members, works in partnership to support and nurture excellence. We are committed to maintaining a friendly, family atmosphere. Our main school motto is: Leaders Learn Here! Come visit Duggan to learn about our school family, learning priorities and our foundations in leadership, respect, responsibility, safety and pride.